Parking at The Village Medical Centre

Please be advised that there are new parking restrictions in place at The Village Medical Centre car park that have been implemented by our landlord. Anyone parking in the surgery car park must be using it for accessing services in The Village Medical Centre building. Please enter your car registration at reception, this will ensure you do not incur a penalty. If you need to visit the adjacent pharmacy after your visit to the practice, that is fine to do so. There is also a 5-minute grace period after entering the surgery car park for drop off.

However, if you are visiting the adjacent building, when you have no appointment at the surgery building, you are unable to use the surgery car park and you will be issued with a penalty. There is another car park at the rear of the pharmacy building that can be used.

Our landlord implemented the scheme because complaints were received from practice patients, and clients in the building, as they were unable to park because the surgery car park was often full. The practice does not receive any profit whatsoever from this. Please note that reception staff cannot help with any correspondence or queries from Countrywide Parking who are managing the scheme. Please contact